How to restore Gmail account?

 Recover a Gmail account 

With many searching for Gmail recovery steps, we will try to collect them in simplified points in the following lines so that you can follow them and recover a Gmail account easily, in case you forget the password.

There are several things to remember before starting the Google account recovery steps, including whether you added a phone number to your Gmail account, also if you added a secondary email to your Gmail account, or you haven't signed in to your Gmail account for five days Because these things help a lot in recovering the Gmail account.

In case you forgot your password:

You can re-set a new password and access your Gmail account by following several steps:

1- Click on the dedicated link on Gmail, recover your Google account, and you will be directed directly to the steps to restore the email. A new page will appear to you.

(This page is for recovering your Google Account), and it will ask you to enter your email.

2- Now, enter the name of the Gmail account disabled due to forgetting the password, and here we mean its email address, then follow these steps:

* Click on Forgot your password? On the Gmail login page.

* After that, two options will appear in front of you: If you have added a phone number to the account you want to recover, select it.

* A code will be sent to your phone number to verify that you own the Gmail account you are asking about.

* If you received the code in a message on your mobile phone, enter the code so that you can change the password for your gmail account.

In case the Gmail without phone number:

1- If you have not linked the account to a phone number, the application will ask you to enter the account support page.

2- After entering the support page, you will have to enter another email address through which you can contact Google, and then click on the Next button.

3- Then you will start answering some questions that will appear in front of you to verify that you own the account.

4- Whenever you answer some questions, you will move to the next by clicking the Next button, or click on the option to ask another question (Try a different question) in case you are unable to answer a question.

Gmail recovery questions:

Do not worry about the questions that Google will ask you in order to know how to recover a Gmail that is not linked to a phone number, because it will be about your name, date of birth registered in the email, a phone number, or a secondary email address.

And if you can remember the exact information that Google is satisfied with, it will allow you to recover your google account or Gmail, and we will explain it in detail.

 Questions will be for example: enter the last password you remember, enter your name and family name, Mention the timing of creating the lost Gmail account etc. 

It will take some time to validate the information you have provided.

Then, via the new secondary email you entered, Google will send you a message stating whether or not this information is sufficient to allow you to recover the account.

If the information is sufficient, a code will be sent to you to re-enter it on the login page for your lost email. Then after logging into the disabled gmail, change the password.

If the information you entered is not enough, you will receive a message via the secondary email you entered stating that you have to come back again to answer more questions.

After that, Google will message you again in the same way, you have to pay attention as you answer, be as accurate as possible to convince Google of your answer and give you a verification code that enables you to enter the account and reset a new password

Recover a Gmail account if hacked:

We will now tell you how to recover a Gmail account in case it is hacked, that is, if you believe that someone is tampering with the account information, such as if there was a change in the phone number you registered or the secondary email, or, for example, that you receive a message that your account has been deleted without being you did.

In all these cases, you can recover your account by following these steps:

1- Enter the account recovery page by clicking on the link provided for that.

2- After that you have to enter your email or phone number registered with it.

3- Then click on Next. Then enter the last password that you used to log in

4- Ask to change the password, then press Next. , you will be asked for the phone number or email address you want to send the reset code to.

Important instructions when recover a Gmail account: 

1- While you are trying to remember the password, in case you forget it, and you are following the steps of how to retrieve the Gmail email, you should note that there is a maximum limit for that when recovering the Gmail account

2- You are not allowed to restore the same Gmail account more than 5 times over the course of a year.

3- if the account or email is suspended more than the allowed number, no user will be able to recover it, even Google Support.

4- You must wait 24 hours for the account to be automatically reactivated.