Download Cat Force – Free Puzzle Game 2022

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Download Cat Force – Free Puzzle Game 2022 Puzzle game and intellectual "Warrior Cats" Android!

Download Cat Force – Free Puzzle Game

Cat Force – Warrior Cats is a puzzle and intelligence game that has been released by Playtika Game Studio as a freemium game for Android devices. Playtika Game Studio has released other good works on the Android market and has successful games with millions of downloads. Cat Force is another excellent game of the game studio, which brings a unicorn experience to gamers by providing fascinating and interesting gameplay. The gameplay uses Jurchin’s custom elements, just like Candy Crush or Jewel Quest. But the difference with Cat Force is that in this game, you have to exchange warrior cats instead of jewels or lollipops. Each cat has its own unique abilities that help eliminate risks. The purpose of the game is to remove the obstacles ahead and fight the enemies trying to enter your territory. The structure of the game is carried out in stages, and these stages are divided into different villages. In terms of content, the number of stages is relative

Stage progress in the game. The upgrade system and game reward system are very advanced. There are three currencies or tokens in the game, namely coins, energy and cat jam. You can earn coins and energy by entering and exiting the game, playing in the game and collecting prizes. But only one step can be completed successfully to realize fedi jam. You need coins and cat jam to upgrade the samurai cat, and you need energy to start a new stage. In addition, you can use coins to buy props. Samurai cats are divided into 6 colors in total, and their abilities are divided into 2 categories. The red, blue and pink samurai cats are swordsman samurai cats, very suitable for close combat. They first attack the obstacles they face, and then attack the enemy. The green, yellow and purple samurai cats are bow and arrow samurai cats, very suitable for long-range battles. They attack the enemy first.

In Cat Force, both types of cats are useful, and neither of them is better than the other, but their importance depends on your play style and your level of publicity for Warrior Cats. You need at least 3 monochrome samurai cats to attack you. The larger your combination, the more naturally you will benefit. For example, sometimes you will get an energy, and sometimes you will get an extra warrior cat. All in all, it should be said that the gameplay is very smooth and there is no problem with the game. Puzzles are fascinating, and solving them is also fascinating. There are also guidelines in the game. If you don't do any actions for 10 seconds, they will appear and help you solve the puzzle. These guides may be helpful, but can be a bit annoying for people who are eager to solve difficult problems and only want to spend a few seconds thinking about the next move. In any case, it is easy to learn the game, even if it is challenging, it is ideal for all ages, even if this type of game is nothing

Download Cat Force – Free Puzzle Game

The free puzzle game has been able to get 4.3 points (out of 5.0 points) in the player's vote in the Android market, and the Farsroid team intends to provide you with the genuine version of the game. Now, you can download this game through the direct link we placed at the end of the story and enjoy running it. This game has been tested by our team, there is no

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  • Category: Games
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Playtika
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  • Last Update: September 12, 2021
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